Loan Preapproval

Once we start looking at homes together, you will want to be able to act fast when you find that perfect one. That’s why you will want to get pre-approved for a loan soon after we meet for the first time.

During our initial interview, we will explain the different types of lenders and the process of getting approved for a home loan. You may have a lender already picked out, or we can refer you to a lender we trust and have worked closely with for years. We can work together to make sure that not only do you get pre-approved for an amount that gets you the home you want, but, most importantly, that you end up with a loan whose payments you can comfortably afford.

How long the pre-approval process takes depends on the level of service you want; it can be a quick over-the-phone process, or you can sit down with the lender to really hash out your options. Because different buyers have different needs and financial situations, we work with a lender who can put together the best loan, whether you have a 3% down payment or 100%. He will also give you a good faith estimate of your potential closing costs at the time of preapproval.