Making an Offer

As soon as you find that perfect home, we act quickly to help you write an offer on the property. In the end, the decision of what price and terms to include in the offer is completely up to you. Our role is to educate you about all the factors that may be important in making sure that your offer is the one that gets accepted. Things that need to be considered are how hot the market is at that moment, how many other offers are coming in, your needs regarding when you want to move and whether you need to sell your house, as well as price.

After we settle what you will include in your offer, we put together a presentation packet that is as strong as possible. We want them to get to know you and the reasons you love their home, so we write an introduction letter (often including a photo of you) to include with the purchase and sale agreement. We sometimes include a personal letter written by you in which you can express in your own words why you want to buy the seller’s home. The new electronic contract tools allow you to review and sign the offer wherever you are and at any time of day. Perfect for busy lifestyles and a hot market.

After the initial offer, we often end up in a negotiation with the sellers over various terms in the contract, and we make sure that we stay in close communication with you and the sellers’ agent so we can reach an agreement quickly that is mutually satisfying.

Over 30+ years, we have worked in every kind of Seattle real estate market (buyer and seller, hot and cold), and we take pride in my talent for putting together offers that sellers love to accept and that stay airtight so there aren’t any surprises down the road.