Our First Meeting

The very first thing we do in establishing a relationship with someone who wants to buy a home is to sit down and get to know each other. We talk about your lifestyle and hobbies, your financial situation, what you want and need in a home in terms of size and style, what kind of neighborhoods you like, and all of the different things that make you who you are and affect what you will be looking for in a home.

We will also talk about how we will best work together, what times of day you like to tour homes, how much internet collaboration you desire, and how involved you want to be in the legwork of househunting. The goal is to make sure we tailor our services to your schedule and needs so the homehunting process is both fun and convenient.

Because you also need to make sure that you are selecting an agent who meets your needs, please feel free to ask all the questions you have about us. We are happy to tell you about my experience, our familiarity with particular areas, how we work, how we get paid, and any other questions you may have.

The initial meeting is also a time to discuss some of the basic legal and ethical issues surrounding real estate purchases, so we explain to all new clients exactly what my responsibilities are as their agent. Because we want you to be an educated buyer, we give you a copy of a purchase and sale agreement, pamphlets on agency law, and lead information for you to review after our meeting. We are always available to discuss any questions you have about any aspect of these or any other documents.

After we conclude that we will be working together, we start getting you prepared for the next steps in the process. Although we will have given you a ballpark estimate of what we think you can afford based on your financial situation, we can refer you to a lender we trust who will help you sort through the nitty gritty details of the loan process. You also have the option of choosing your own lender if you prefer.