I've recommended Mary Ann Fordyce to at least 10 families in the past two months.

Mary Ann worked tirelessly for us, on a daily basis, and even through long and difficult negotiations. She made our selling house look amazing. Fantastic from start to finish.

- Ben and Heidi (home sale)

Mary Ann is the best agent I've encountered and trust her with every aspect of our home selling

Mary Ann did everything to get our house ready as we were out of state, including arranging all home repairs, estimates, walkthroughs, staging, choosing paint and carpet colors. We trust her that much and she is that good. She chose the perfect price to allow us to make the most from our home sale. This was the second time she had come through big for us.

- John and Kate

Mary Ann and Amy make an incredible team

Mary Ann and Amy make an incredible team and the ease of communication is superb. While we did a lot of personal searching via the website search for houses, Amy spotted our purchased house and suggested we check it out before it even appeared in our search options. She took our home purchase concerns seriously and the match couldn't be better. Amy and Mary Ann could effortlessly transition our house hunt between the two of them and we never felt that we were just hung out to dry. They were always there to answer our questions and deal with our concerns. Their combined knowledge, experience, and effort speaks to our ability to find the perfect home for us. It was a +1 year journey for us to find a home, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

- Christine and Jake

I recommend Mary Ann to anyone who asks (and many more that do not).

Mary Ann went far above and beyond to help us understand, be comfortable in, and take advantage of a confusing marketplace. She is extremely receptive and, for a while during a frustrating period, she did some of the searching for us like a family member. This is our second house transaction with her, we are soon to do a third, and we'll happily be back in the future.

- Ben and Heidi (home purchase)

I felt like they treated me like family - I could not be happier

I would use Mary Ann for any realty transaction in the future and would clone her if possible. We bought a house sight unseen from 2600 miles away, and from the very first minute Mary Ann was always available by phone, email, or text. If she wasn't available her associate Amy was. They walked us through the closing, getting the seller to deal with inspection issues, and dealing with our new HOA. I recommend Mary Ann for realtor of the year, or decade, based on our experience.

- Ben and Andrea

Mary Ann was great.

Mary Ann was very knowledgeable, extremely focused on great service, and invested in our home-buying experience and outcome. She spent almost 5 hours out with us on our first trip to look at houses. I don't know that she expected our stamina for house hunting to be so high, but she matched our enthusiasm step for step. Given the fact that our budget wasn't anywhere near as high as some of other clients, it was amazing to be constantly treated as a top priority.

- Gwen and Will

Excellent service!

Mary Ann is knowledgeable, patient, and helpful at any and all stages. She was always a step ahead and proactively doing things. For example, we required home repairs and she worked directly with the contractor on-site to define the work and get bids.

- Trapper and Roxanne

Mary Ann is a darling and we always enjoy working with her.

Mary Ann's service is totally professional. She explained the process and the market, kept us posted on changes. She actively and repeatedly marketed our house despite the low response in the Monroe area.

- Liz and Paul

Very satisfied.

The service from Amy was wonderful. She worked with me and checked in to be sure everything was proceeding without issue on a fairly accelerated time line because I had to travel for work part way through the purchase process.

- Susan